Since their rise to popularity in the 1960s, wand massagers have been the popular choice for several reasons. If you ask me, I’d say the wand’s shape was the main reason behind its popularity in the 60s and 70s. It didn’t look like a sex toy with a long handle and a bulbous head, so people could buy it without hesitation. Furthermore, those deep and rumbly vibrations gave them an edge over any other sex toys. They are great companions to use with different speeds if you want to start slow, build up your arousal as you tap into your sensuality, and then boost up the speed and power for a more intense orgasm.


The rounded head helps spread the vibrations from the clitoral gland throughout the labia and even over the pubic mound, creating an all-over type of pleasure rather than focusing on just one area. For people with a sensitive clitoris, this is the perfect vibrator as it doesn’t have to be used for direct pressure on the clit. You can just place it gently on your labia or mound and enjoy the same ecstasy!


Here are some fantastic ways in which you can be naughty with your favorite wand massager:


  1. In the Tub

    Having a waterproof massager is a boon that only a few would understand.

Water tends to give a whole new sensation regarding sexual touches. Using a wand vibrator found here, you can not only massage yourself all over but also give yourself some “wet moments” in the tub. As a tip, try using the preset vibration patterns to move the water in front of your vulva without actually touching it. Those subtle yet titillating vibrations will indeed act like a thrilling tease!

  1. The pillow taco

    Because wand-style vibrators are much stronger than most other sex toys, many beginners use theirs through their underwear or multiple layers of clothing. This helps in diffusing the power of the vibrations to some extent.
    On the other hand, pillow grinding is a very popular masturbation technique used by girls where they grind their p*ssy on the soft pillow to achieve orgasm.


Now, all you have to do is combine these two. If you have a powerful wand vibrator like the Hitachi Magic Wand at Twice Tonight, you must wrap a soft pillow around it like a taco and then grind on it or simply hold it tightly using your thighs. You will get earth-shattering orgasms in no time.

  1. Hit your G-spot and anal rim with the wand attachments

    There are various types of wands for various uses. For instance, the Magic Wand plus is an impressively sized massager with unparalleled power. In contrast, the Satisfyer Double Wand-er packs a surprising amount of power and a few other functionalities that make it quite versatile.

    You can prepare yourself for anal sex as this helps in loosening the muscles of the anus. If you’re someone who loves anal teases, you can put the wand to its lowest setting and gently place it on the anal rim. In no time, you will receive some boggling stimulations.
    Lastly, you can also use wands with detachable heads to target specific parts such as the g-spot.

  2. Couple games

    The rounded head of the wand vibrator sex toys such as the Hitachi vibe makes it an ideal unisex toy for couple sessions. The length of the Hitachi wand makes it great for use in the doggy-style position, and you may find that the shorter wands, such as the Gia Massage wand and Lelo Smart wand 2, are easier to place; between your bodies in missionary!

    Other positions that lend themselves well to using a wand vibrator of any size are the spooning position or any other naughty pose where you are sitting on or bent over furniture such as a couch or counter.

  3. Edge until orgasm

    Edging, or orgasm control, is the practice of bringing yourself (or your partner) to the brink of orgasm and then easing up on the ongoing stimulation to keep them aroused. It is said to make your final orgasm much more intense. Treat this like a practice that helps you be much more in touch with your body’s response to pleasure and an activity that lets you extend your sessions and increase your stamina.

    Edging can also be used as a part of kinky play. Here one partner physically restrains the submissive one using ties or cuffs and uses a powerful vibrator such as the Magic Wand vibrator to ‘torture’ them with pleasure by bringing them close to climax but not letting them orgasm. Or, alternatively, ‘forcing’ them to orgasm.
    Remember, this is all consensual, so keep your safe words handy!


With these 5 naughty ways, you get a chance to re-explore your body with the wand sex toy in 5 new ways! So don’t feel shy and grab your vibe right now. Trust me; you will thank me later.





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