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About Us


We believe that spreading positive music is an excellent way to encourage otherwise passive individuals to take social action. Musicians can influence the public through several means including via their lyrics, by “preaching” on stage, by wearing or using items with socially-positive messages, or by associating themselves with positive organizations offstage. While quality music stands on its own, responsible popular musicians should use some of their opportunity in the limelight to benefit others less fortunate.

Moreover, we think popular musicians who use vulgar language and don’t display a positive image to youth should curtail their bad attitudes. The kids could use a break. We do not think anything they have to say or any attitude they want to display should be illegal. We just think its stupid and tasteless and people shouldn’t buy it.

Many musicians are already social activists. Some of their causes we support, and others not. But regardless, merely the effort of trying to have a positive influence on the public is worthwhile. Of course the performer should study the issues before they open their mouths, unlike many in Hollywood currently do.

If you are an artist we encourage you to speak out. If you know other artists encourage them to do the same.

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